Visiting other artists' art galleries during travels

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Traveling is an excellent source of inspiration for artists and an amazing way to meet others in our field and get their story first hand.  When I travel, I like to wander into the small, local galleries and feast my eyes on the creative process underway.  I admire all I see, and if something speaks to my heart I’ll purchase it.  Two galleries in my recent travels inspired me more than others, one in the Sniezka mountain region of Karpacz, Poland and another in the picturesque town of Rockport, MA, about an hour northeast of Boston. I have to admit,...

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You're So get to use your imagination

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Soft blue walls surround me on all four sides inside the small patient room, broken up by a row of maple cabinets and a painting of two girls floating lazily inside a canoe, feeding ducks on a pond and soaking in the sun. I stare at the painting for a while, it seems ordinary, a type of image I’ve seen many times before, yet the way one of the girls sits, slightly looking back over her shoulders, captures my attention. I cannot stop looking at her, leaning back her arms glow in the sun, and a careless expression caresses her...

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First book reading of Annabelle-Please-Don't-Tell! was a great success!

annabelle-please-don't-tell! book readings events

The location was enchanting.  As we were setting up inside the James Blackstone Memorial Library auditorium, I gazed up and around at the grand windows, the dome shaped ceiling decorated with ornate details, and the cozy chairs.  "The library was originally built to be a library," said Carly, reading my mind.  I was wondering whether the building was initially designed for a wealthy family, with all its majestic spaces and marble floors and stairs.  It was a library from the beginning, I repeated to myself.  How wonderful! Carly is the librarian for Youth Services and leads the Bookworms, a book...

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SCBWI 2015 Conference in NYC

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There was no snoozing Saturday morning, which is what I usually do when I have to beat the roosters crowing. As my alarm went off at 3:30am to catch the early train, my brain was already racing in anticipation of the SCBWI conference. The train pulled into Grand Central Terminal just in time for registration, and I was thankful that the chilly walk to the Grand Hyatt Hotel was short. The Winter storms managed to calm down for one weekend, allowing for an enjoyable time in NYC. Armed with my second cup of coffee and a delicious bagel, I settled...

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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Artist in Your Life

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With Thanksgiving behind us and Black Friday out of the way, I'm finally starting to feel the Holiday spirit. Singing along to the Winter Wonderland tunes on the radio reminds me of all the Christmas wish lists to take care of this year. My favorite part during the gift opening is watching the person's face as they unwrap their gift, and hoping for the expression that says "this is exactly what I wanted!" That's a lot easier to accomplish with your immediate family (especially the young ones), who very likely start dropping not-so-subtle hints right about now. My family's wish...

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