"My COMPLICATED Week" now available on Amazon

annabelle-please-don't-tell! book illustration

Annabelle-Please-Don't-Tell! Vol 1 cover of My COMPLICATED Week

Annabelle's first story, titled My COMPLICATED Week, is now available on Amazon and CreateSpace. If you and your kids enjoy the book, please let us know and write a review on Amazon. Enjoy reading! You can order a paperback by clicking on the buttons below. Kindle version coming soon!

Description of the book:

Annabelle-Please-Don't-Tell!, with her unruly, red hair and radiant personality, takes on confusing -- and sometimes scary --complications in a week when:

  • her best friend refuses to talk with her
  • she has to learn how to do something scary to go to Mars
  • her grandmother cuts up her little brother’s favorite costume
  • she is caught doing something she shouldn't do in the kitchen
  • she wants to give her dad a big, birthday surprise
  • and grown-ups say very strange things!

Annabelle is funny, creative, eager, and loving -- and she has 156 secrets! Her little brother, Andrew, also likes adventures and secrets. --- description is courtesy and copyright of author, Carole Lyn Woodring.

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