Meet the Artist

Exploring the World

Kasia Simura is an artist living in the beautiful New England. Born in Eastern Europe, she spent her childhood exploring the rich history of her native Poland as well as the neighboring countries, enchanted by all the castles, forests, and parks.  Her love of nature is one of her greatest sources of creative inspiration.

Finding Home

Transplanted to the Midwest part of United Stated as a young adult, Kasia spent about a decade exploring Minnesota, its variety of grand lakes and the inhumanely frigid winters. Winter, though, is STILL her favorite season! A road trip after college to New England took her on a new adventure and to her new home, which she immediately fell in love with. New England has captured her heart.  Through all the travels, meeting and working with some amazing people is always the best part!

A Passion for Art

Kasia has always had a passion for capturing special moments and seeing people's stories come to life through her artwork.  Seeing the overjoyed responses from her ongoing clients, Kasia decided to follow through on her lifelong dream of becoming a full-time artist.  Turning a passion for art into a business comes with many challenges, so Kasia turned to professional artists and business coaches for help, determined to make her dream a reality.  After countless months of hard work, writing and re-writing business plans, a bit of self-discovery and a few life lessons learned, the dream...did evolve into reality.

Telling Your Story through Art

"It allows me to connect with people on a deeper level," Kasia says when asked why she loves art.  "Some people are amazing story tellers are are able to connect with others through words.  Words don't come as easily for me...but I'm an incredible listener and observer, and I channel what I hear and see into my artwork."

Kasia loves to tell stories through art.  From book and prose illustration, to house portraits and custom artwork, the captured memories live on.  Tell Kasia your story and see it blossom into a work of art.  Send in your questions, comments, or even a simple hello. She would love to hear from you.