Custom Art Consultation

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Imagine that home, a place filled with many memories, commemorated in an original artwork to be cherished for generations to come.  Strengthen your business relationships and show your appreciation for your partners, clients and your own employees by presenting them with a custom, original portrait of their business.  No matter the place or occasion, the gratitude and appreciation from receiving or giving such a unique, original gift will always remain a part of your experience.

Looking for that perfect painting to hang on your wall?  Did you write an awesome book and need a book cover designed to match it? Your vision and story can come to life with a custom work of art.  Whether you already have a project in mind or are looking for something new, this consultation will allow us to start working together towards your goals.

I will meet with you (if locally) or talk to you over Skype or phone to discuss your needs and go over any photo references.  We will explore the subject matter of your illustration and any details that need special attention.

In order to get the most out of our consultation together, I will need the following information when we meet or talk.  Upon submitting your order for a consultation, you will be emailed this checklist and contacted to schedule our meeting:
  • Any photo references or description of desired subject matter
  • Your goals and expectations for the artwork: size, style, medium (oil painting, digital, pen and ink, watercolor…), detail, timeframe (minimum timeframe for a cover illustration is 2 months (including 3 revisions of preliminary sketch and sketch approval), timeframe may vary based on complexity, unusual size or medium, and/or wait list)
  • Your story: what is meaningful to you about your subject, who/what is it for? What is the occasion (gift, decoration, business anniversary, client/employee/owner appreciation, just because…)
  • Source document if for literary illustration (manuscript or copy of book – can be emailed as a PDF, any accompanying text)
  • Yourself! You are welcome to have someone join the conversation, such as a friend or assistant, however in order to keep our communication on the same page I need to talk to the person who will be seeing the project through.
  • A deposit (cash, check or credit card, whichever is easiest for you) so I can get started on your artwork immediately
 What’s included:
  • Your artwork, created using professional quality materials
  • Access to an online viewing portal, for initial sketch approval and to allow you to follow the progress of your illustrations
  • Online access to completed illustrations for download (for digital work)
  • Original, non-digital artwork will be mailed to you upon completion of artwork
  • Copyright remains with the artist.  Artwork may be used for purpose outlined in the agreement.  Artist retains right to offer reproductions for sale, unless exclusive rights specified in agreement.  Please contact artist for details and pricing on exclusive rights.
Payment schedule:

First half of total due after complimentary consultation and before work can begin.

Final payment (2nd half of total) upon completion of artwork (please note, your artwork will be presented to you after receiving final payment).

Larger and/or longer projects may be broken down into three payments, with initial deposit due after complimentary consultation and before work can begin, a second payment upon approval of sketches/designs, and final payment due upon completion of artwork (please note, your artwork will be presented to you after receiving final payment).

Popular Artwork Sizes
Price Starting At:

Actual price quote will take size, complexity, and any non-standard elements into consideration. All options will be presented during the consultation.

1/4 page $150
1/2 page $225
Full Page (8x10) $350
HOME OR BUSINESS PORTRAIT (Pen & Ink, Watercolors)
8x10in $300
11x14in $500
16x20in $1000
8x10in $600
12x16in $1150
18x24in $2600
Above are popular artwork sizes. Other sizes, options, and large scale commissions available! Please contact me for a quote.
All artwork is created using the finest artist quality materials possible to assure long lasting beauty and to protect your investment in fine art. In the spirit of paying forward, a portion of proceeds from all original fine art works and limited edition prints is donated to causes dedicated to improving the quality and enrichment of life.